KmBennett Art

Dark Scans - Digital Art Photography

For this project, I created a series of digital images using a flatbed scanner. This achieves an ethereal effect that is more provocative than could be reached with plain photography. I control the mood of my images by manipulating the placement and lighting of the objects. The playthings of my own youth were dusted off and used to revisit both the experiences and the emotions that we all sometimes face as we come of age. I have also used some of of my digital scans to design drawings, etchings, and paintings.
I apologize if the watermarks are a little distracting, but I am trying to protect myself from theft.  All of the work on my website has them, these are just more prominent. They are not on the actual prints.
All of these are available for purchase. A few of each have been professionally laser printed on semi-gloss heavy high-quality paper. The image is on 11" x 17" paper with a small white border. If you want to order and they are not on my Etsy shop, contact me as to which ones you want and I will re-activate them.
© KmBennett Art and/or Kathryn M. Bennett.
All images and texts are property of KmBennett Art and/or Kathryn M. Bennett, Artist and are not to be used or reproduced with permission. Images may be shared on social media providing they are accompanied by full credit and link to this website.
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